2 vessels plants

Barison 2 vessels plants represent the most balanced choice between investment, ease of use and performance, for customers with production targets up to 1000 hL/year.

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Ease of use

Our technical department has designed our system in collaboration with master brewer‘s: the goal was to understand the master brewer‘s needs by finding solutions that could help them do their job. After a research and study of possible alternatives, our team designed a plant with an automatic control system of mashing and boiling temperatures. In order to reduce the movement of the operators during the production phases, we have designed a compact block of the product transfer valve drives in order to have all the production phases under control with minimum effort.


An innovative system created with the aim of providing a brewing house that can produce your beer in less time with an excellent yeld and particular attention to the consumption of electricity and cubic meters of water, fundamental variables for your reality.


The brewing room is not only a production plant. For many people it becomes a design element of their pub, restaurant or tasting room. Thanks to 30 years of experience in copper processing, we offer the possibility to have the outside coating of the vessels in copper. The copper color will fascinate your visitors and give your premises an added value that you proudly can show to everyone.


Our 2 vessels Barison plants are designed and built according to your needs. They can be placed even in small spaces, the brewing house have a capacity from 500 to 1000 lt/ batch and can be powered by steam heating, electric or LPG/Methane burner.


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