3/4 vessels plants

Barison plants with 3, 4 vessels are the result of the combination of Barison Industry's know-how and the experience of our master brewers.

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Our with 3, 4 vessels Barison plants are born from the union of our  know-how and the experience our master brewers clients. This ideal choice for those who make beer a profession: designed accordingly your production needs, through the automation they can be comfortably and efficiently managed by a single person during all production phases. Range from 1000 to 7000 litres, 3 or 4 vessels configuration.


Our brewhouse designed to work in triple batch, allows savings of up to 13% on energy consumption compared to standard values, thanks to an innovative system for the recycling of hot water that reduces the electricity used for the entire process .



Our plant, thanks to a newly designed filtration plate and a flow system designed by our engineers, guarantees you a triple batch in 12 hours with a standard yield of 93%.



Designed to be handled by one person during all stages of production. In order to reduce the movement of the operators during the production phases, we have designed a compact block of the product transfer valve drives in order to have all the production phases under control with minimum effort.


.piastra di filtrazione impianti birra

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