We support the master brewer in analyzing every aspect of the brewery, building customized and complete brewhouses with every type of accessory, up to fully remotely controllable systems.

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The customer’s needs first.

Our team analyzes every aspect of the brewery side by side with the producer, providing experience and know-how for all types of advice.  We build brewhouses complete with every type of accessory, designing them accordingly to your needs. Thanks to the experience gained in the distillation sector for the production of whiskey and vodka (distilled from fermented cereals), we are able to build fully automated plants, providing the master brewer with a system that can be fully remotely controlled.


  • Remote process control
  • Automatic valves group
  • Mill
  • 1 or 2-stage plate heat exchanger
  • Must oxygenation system
  • Chiller
  • Steam generator (electric/methane/lpg)
  • Fermenters and ped brite beer tank
  • Piping


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specola impianti birra

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