The more than century-old engineering tradition of the Mussi family merges with the constructive ability and experience of Barison Industry.

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Through MDT, an Italian engineering company founded by Gerolamo Mussi back in 1842, in our Milan office we mainly deal with the development of projects for the production and alcohol rectification for companies operating in the chemical-pharmaceutical, agro-food and renewable energy sectors.

Our company has a wide experience in supplying plants for ethyl, denatured, raw, extra-neutral as well as for absolute and fuel alcohol. Especially for the latter, we are able to provide a wide range of options including modern anhydrification technology based on molecular sieves. By providing new equipment and specific technical services, we are able to renew existing distillation, anhydrification and concentration units to improve capacity and reduce consumption.

The know-how of our company comes from from the well known and widely proven professional experience of our engineers, based on the more than secular tradition in this field. Our Barison Industry/MDT group guarantees the same quality standards that have always distinguished MDT design and enhances its work by being able to directly build all the plants in the production sites of our Barison Industry headquarters in Trento.

Our company is based on the principles of flexibility and reliability guaranteeing the lowest possible operating costs.
 For this reason we offer exclusively “Tailor–made” solutions;  we will listen to you and follow you in all stages of the process.

We have constantly increased our know-how not only thanks to a constant internal R&D activity, but also by entering into commercial partnerships with the main companies operating in the sector in order to provide you with solutions regarding the single plant section, as well as „turnkey“ projects.



Over the course of our 180-year history, we have implemented our engineering know-how day after day. A centuries-old experience that today allows us to guarantee the highest technology standards, based on calculations and sizing with the most sophisticated technological tools, the use of internal excel / vba software for h&b and international software , used for sizing preliminary mechanical and project cost estimate.

Every detail of the systems is important to us. It is studied and calculated internally by the engineers who, respecting the international and national regulations, guarantee you a system designed on your needs with high process-mechanical technology. Our Barison industry / MDT group is therefore able to provide you with a 360 degree support capable of preliminary development, design and final construction, delivering you a turnkey system with high performance and inimitable efficiency. We carry out start-ups at the sites of your plants,  testing it  to ensure the full and optimal operation of the plant itself


We are constantly at your side guiding and supporting the research and achievement of the best customized solution that meets your expectations. With passion, creativity and method we design and build modern and efficient systems for the chemical, pharmaceutical, food and agro-food industries.

We promote innovation

For over 180 years, the heart of our company's culture has been a strong and visible commitment to innovation, reliability and quality. All our activities and services are based on this guarantee.


Our business behavior is based on absolute respect for you customers, the environment and ethical principles. We aim to establish and maintain solid and lasting relationships based on mutual trust with all of you.