Industry Alcohol

Plants for industrial alcohol production born from the experience of a pioneer company in this industry for over 180 years.

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Design and manufacture of plants for the industrial alcohol


The large plants for the production of industrial alcohol are designed in our MDT headquarters in Milan. Throughout our long history, we have been pioneers in many of the distillation and evaporation technologies that have become the standard today, while part of this extensive experience still remains part of our in-house know-how well recognized in the industrial alcohol market.

We are constantly at your side by guiding and supporting the research and the development of the best customized solutions fulfilling your expectations. With passion, creativeness and devotion we design and realize modern and efficient plants for the industrial alcohol production.

Distillation and Rectification are essentially the processes where the alcohol mixtures are separated obtaining the desired ethanol concentration and purity degree.

Over the years, we have provided distillation processes design and plants for Clients all over the world, implementing solutions tailored to meet the technical and economic needs of each project.

Among our installations and product range, we can offer:

  • Single-Effect plant;
  • Multi-effect plants;
  • Pressure plants;
  • Vacuum plants;
  • Mechanical Vapor Recompression plants;

Our consolidated expertise grants an array of services for the successful completion of projects, ensuring the maximum efficiency of plants operation at all times. Our priority is to focus on the service quality and innovation technology providing each customer:

  • High quality on Safety and Environmental standards;
  • Plant performance excellence;
  • High return on investments;
  • Optimized turnaround time;


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